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Where Have All The People Gone?

"Where have all the People gone?” the Ducklings quacked,

Whilst swimming on their lake.

“I’m not quite sure", the Swans replied.

“Perhaps they’re baking cake?”

“Where have all the People gone?” the young Lambs baa-ed,

Whilst skipping through the grass.

“How should I know?” the Cow replied.

“Find someone else to ask.”


“Where have all the People gone?” the Seal Pups barked,

Across the deep blue sea.

“No boats in sight” the Gulls replied.

“Perhaps they’ve gone for tea?”


“Where have all the People gone?” the Fox Cubs whined,

Peeking outside of their den.

“Wherever they are", Badger sighed,

“We’ll soon see them again.”


“Where have all the People gone?” the Tigers growled,

Inside the city zoo.

“Don’t ask us!” the Penguins shrugged,

“We haven’t got a clue”.

“Where have all the People gone?”

“Have they forgotten and left us behind?”

The Animals ventured from their homes,

To see what they could find.

The Lambs checked the shopping malls,

The Seals checked on the beach.

The Ducks all flew to Paris,

The People were out of reach.

The Fox Cubs tried the restaurants,

Tigers roamed the streets.

The Penguins popped to the museums

But no People did they meet.

“Where could they be?” the Animals sighed,

“They just cannot be found!"

Then all of a sudden the Animals heard

A warm, familiar sound.

"What was that noise?" the Animals cried,

Their tails began to wiggle.

They listened again and to their delight,

They heard a happy giggle!

They followed the sound to a house,

With a rainbow up in the window.

They saw a little Girl inside,

Who waved and said "Hello!"

“Where have you been?” the Animals cried,

Feeling lonely and confused.

The little Girl looked back at them, 

She grinned and looked amused.


“We’re staying safe” the Girl replied.

“We’re staying here. At home”.

“But we miss you”, cried the Animals,

“We feel so all alone."


“We’re doing a good thing”, said the Girl with a smile.

“We’re protecting the ones that we love.

Just be patient. Wait a while.

We’ll be back soon enough!"


“And if you’re feeling lonely or sad,

But you’re not sure why.

Just remember that while we’re apart,

Our love remains close by”.

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