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For ages 3 - 8 years

Stella  is a Star Engineer. From her home on the Moon she keeps the stars shining bright for when we need them most, to make a wish or find our way back home. 


But down on Earth things are changing. The world is becoming bright, busy and people aren’t looking up. The stars are burning out and it’s up to Stella to save them, but she can’t do it alone. 


Using projection, playful performance and aerial circus, we want to talk about our sky and how sometimes it is important to turn out the lights and wish upon a star. 

You can find Production Shots here!

Tour Dates

Stella has been commissioned by ARC, Stockton and The Barnsley Civic. This piece has been created using research from the International Dark Sky Association and text gathered during workshops with local schools.

19th & 20th February

Southbank Centre, London

Latest update:

 Watch this space for exciting digital content based on Stella coming to your screens this Summer!

Meet The Touring Team


Devisor/Aerialist Performer



Penny C.JPG

Touring Technician

The Creative Team

Katy Costigan


Sarah Shephard


Devisor/Aerialist Performer


Lighting Designer

Michael Whaite

Marketing Materials Illustrator

Scenic Designer

Sound Designer/Composer

Associate Sound Designer


Bridget Ladyman

Workshop Facilitator

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